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A Lifelong Hobby

I received my first real camera in 1976 – a Minolta SRT101 – and began what has certainly been my main and favorite hobby ever since. I’m so grateful for my Dad, Walt, Max, Gene, Tim, and others who have helped me along the path.

I purchased my first digital SLR a month after I finished building a darkroom in my basement. Timing is everything! I finally had to tear the darkroom down to make room for the latest kid, but I still have all my 35mm, 6×7, and 4×5 stuff and a freezer full of film, just in case.

I am very visual.  For me, photography is a way to try to capture my emotional response to what I see. I especially love to attempt to convey the Glory of God in His awesome creation. Sometimes it is just overwhelming!

“If you can fall in love every day, then you can be a good photographer if you have a modicum of talent.”
– Bill Frakes